Photos of Unconformities
Unconformities speak to great lengths of geologic time in the rock record because they are depositional surfaces between rocks of different ages --and so represent periods of missing rock record.

Cambrian Flathead Sandstone unconformably overlying Precambrian gneiss. Teton Range, Wyoming.


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Angular Unconformity, Scotland.
Nonconformity in the Grand Canyon
Nonconformity, Grand Canyon, AZ.
Angular unconformity, Grand Canyon, AZ
Angular Unconformity, Grand Canyon.

Disconformity. Approx 1 meter across.
angular unconformity
Angular unconformity, Olympic Coast, WA.
close-up of angular unconformity
Nonconformity, SW Montana
Taconic unconformity
Angular unconformity -New York

Angular Unconformity, Tacoma, WA.

Buttress Unconformity, N. Arizona.

For more photos of angular unconformities, go to the geology photo search page and type in "unconformity". More than 30 images will come up!


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