New material added to the site...

This site now has more than 2000 images that are searchable by keyword.

Ongoing: go to the search function and type in "2015" to see the images added during last year. Among others, I added some 30 photos from New Zealand, about 30 aerials of northern Oregon and southern Washington --including Mt. St. Helens, and a few of a very frozen Lake Erie (out of a commercial jet).

typing in "2015 or 2014" yields a variety of Oregon photos; typing in "Oregon" yields even more. Unfortunately, I haven't posted anything from 2016 yet.


Other stuff

My book, Roadside Geology of Oregon, was published by Mountain Press in October, 2014--and my revision (with Lauren Wright) on the Geology of Death Valley (3rd edition) came out in January, 2015.

It's now 2016 --and I've been working on Roadside Geology of Washington. Yikes!

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